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Definition / Understanding Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Definition of ICT:

1.According to Eric Deeson, Harper Collins Publishers, Dictionary of Information Technology, Glasgow, UK, 1991
"Information Technology (IT) the handling of information by electric and electronic (and microelectronic) means."
Here includes handling the transfer.Processing, storage and access, IT special concern being the use of hardware and software for these tasks for the benefit of individual people and society as a whole "
From the above explanation: human needs in the pick up and move, process and process information in a social context that benefit themselves and society as a whole.How is the implication that can benefit individually and society as a whole does not is defined more specifically.
2.Information Technology in the National Curriculum, England and Wales, 1995
"Information technology (IT) capability is characterized by an ability to use IT tools effectively an information source to Analyse, process the information present, and to model, measure an external control events.
This Involve:
· Using sourcxes information and IT tools to solve problems
Using it · tools and information source, sich as computer systems and software packages, to support learning in variety Contexts;
· Understanding the implication of IT for working life and society.
Should pupils be given opportunities, where Appropriate, to develop and apply IT Their capability in Their study of National Curriculum subjects. "
From the above explanation: there seems to be a reference potential of ICTs to be reached and the system of values ​​in work on daily life are going dibelajarkan, such as the value of what needs to be developed in a community social system with regard to the ability to use ICT
3.According to the National Education Indonesia Puskur th ... ..
a.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) includes two aspects, namely Information and Communications Technology.
i.Information Technology is to include all matters relating to process, use as aids, manipulation, and management information.
ii.Communication technology is all things relating to the use of assistive devices to process and transfer data from one device to another.
b.Information Technology and Communication Technology is an inseparable counterpart containing the broader sense of all activities associated with the processing, manipulation, management, and transfer / transfer of information between media
4.According sannai anatta, Jakarta Indonesia, 2004
Information and communication technology is a medium or tool in gaining knowledge of a person to other people

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Mohon maaf lahir dan batin

Keluarga besar MTs PKP JIS mengucapkan minal aidin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin

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